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How to get to Viet Hai village

How to get to Viet Hai village

Viet Hai Village attracts a lot of tourists who are passionate about discovering the pristine natural scenery and hospitable people. If you have the opportunity to set foot in this fishing village, you can take all your time here to have an unforgettable experience.

Table of Contents

How to get to Viet Hai village

The unique part of Viet Hai Village


Located entirely in the middle of the sea, surrounded by high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai fishing village is an excellent place to enjoy the super of nature. Visiting Viet Hai fishing village, you will feel the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, a charming landscape of the northern village.

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Things to discover

This idyllic village of Viet Hai is the community ecotourism site attracting large numbers of tourists on Cat Ba island. Natural, original and unique landscapes with friendly people will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable impression on your adventure.


Previously, Viet Hai was almost separated from the outside world. Wild mountain forests and pristine landscape make this place as in the life of ancient Vietnam, which is also an interesting part about this land.


As this place is still conversational, you can only find here some simple guesthouses, some restaurants serving dishes cooked from ingredients that local people fertilized by their hard-working

Activities in Viet Hai village

When traveling to Viet Hai village, it is interesting to walk through the fields, on the village road and breathe the rhythm of the mountains and forests, which make you value the simplicity and purity of this place more. With the beauty of the wild nature, majestic, charming painting, Viet Hai village has become community ecotourism attracting a lot of visitors in and outside the country.

People in Viet Hai Village

The local people in Viet Hai still maintain their lives, bringing the “original” features as in the old time. The local people here are admirable, honest and hospitable. In particular, all the houses in the village can open all day and night without the fear of being stolen.

If any family needs help, everyone in the village is ready to gather up and give them a hand. It is clear that Viet Hai is an almost pure place apart from all kinds of social evils. Immerse yourself in the peaceful life of the local people here; you will surely get surprised about the excellent personality of people here.

How to get to Viet Hai village

To reach the village of Viet Hai from Cat Ba Island, you can choose to take a ship from Beo wharf at 40,000 Dong/person. After the route to about 45 minutes – 1 hour of driving, crossing Lan Ha Bay, the boat will take you to Viet Hai port.

Viet Hai Village is about 5 km from Viet Hai port. The monolithic road has been concretized, crooked between the old, limestone karst ranges, with the abundant vegetation of the Cat Ba National Forest. You will be bathed in the natural space with the sound of birds chirping. Through a cave to the wild parrot forest, you can find Viet Hai village appear between endless green.

The second way to get to Viet Hai is trekking from the center of Cat Ba National Forest. You have to note that this option is for people with endurance and walking experience. You need to have local guides to know the way and the required facilities for trekking such as shoes, clothing, insect repellent.

Through the sloping mountains, under the canopy of a primary forest, after about 4-5 hours, you can find Viet Hai village emerged in the middle of the sea, covered with four layers of old woods and limestone mountains towering as hundreds of pyramids surrounded. For the adventurous traveler, crossing the Cat Ba National Park, follow the path covered by steep slopes, mountain caves, deep caves, on the travel to Viet Hai village will be a memorable experience.


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